Strategic Sourcing, Category Management and Cost Leadership

We can offer a deep expertise in strategic sourcing, eg category management, supplier development, supplier base optimization and product/private label development like training, coaching, sourcing projects, sourcing strategy, implementation, etcetera. Fees are as per below:

Coaching and consulting: 20.000 SEK per day in Sweden, in other countries 2,500 €

Seminars and programs: 2 hrs 20 000 SEK,  4 hrs 30.000 SEK, 8 hrs 40.000 SEK in Sweden. 5 copies of the Swedish books are included (10 are included in full day programs) and more can be purchased for a price of 50 SEK per book. Outside Sweden the price is 5,000 € for each day and 5 free books are included.

Travel expenses and VAT are added to all prices. Programs outside Sweden require pre-payment.

For more information, write to (+46 722 781 641) or (+46 738 311 288)